The label

Fernandá Andréa is timeless women’s wear which incorporates fresh fabrics, radiant colours and exquisite workmanship. Every piece has been designed for the purpose of making a woman feel stylish, confident and most of all elegant.

The fusion of modern and historic elements in each design creates the Fernandá Andréa signature look.


The design concept behind the Fernandá Andréa label is to create timeless pieces.

All items have been designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. All fabric, buttons, trims and final details have been hand selected by the designer Fernanda Guerrero.

Each design has been made using high quality sewing techniques and finishes to ensure the garments fit effortlessly over the body.

The aim behind this label is to bring some old fashioned care, thought and exclusiveness to each design and not to mass produce items.

The collection is ever growing and new designs are being made regularly. Some of the pieces will be permanent while others will be seasonal and limited.